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Welcome to the world of nocturnal creatures at the world's premier Night Safari! The 40-hectare park comes alive after dark with some 1,200 animals of 110 species engaging in their fascinating and intriguing nightly rituals.

We begin with a 45-minute tram ride to view the sights and hear the sounds. The park is divided into eight major ecological habitats, each different from the others and each displaying a number of interesting animals. First, the Himalayan Foothills region with hardy goat-like tarps and mouflon sheep. Equatorial Africa showcases giraffes, waterbucks and graceful gazelles, while the Asian Revering Forest section is home to regional species such as the elephant, samba deer and the endangered Malayan tapir.

Embark on our Walking Trails - the Fishing Cat romantic Forest Giants or come face to face with free flying bats at the Leopard Trails to watch them as they go about their daily routine. If you're lucky enough, you'll catch them while they're fishing.... for supper perhaps.

Don't miss this adventure at the Night Safari!

Pick-up Time : 1815 Hrs
Tours Starts : 1900 Hrs
Duration : 3 ½ Hrs
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