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Singapore Zoo is known as one of the best and most beautiful zoos in the world where animals are kept in spacious lush landscaped enclosures, separate from the visitors by dry or wet moats.

Interesting attrations include The Fragile Forest, a rainforest themed exhibit home to free-ranging animals like tree kangaroos, lemurs, mousedeers, fruit bats and butterflies.

The Singapore Zoo promises enough fun and variety to keep you busy the entire day. Orang Utans, chimpanzees, lions, komodo dragons, polar bears - these are just a few of the many animals that make up the zoo's collection. This open-concept zoo with 2,000 animals of 240 species, allows visitors to see animals in their natural habitat.

At Asia Elephants Show gives you an insight into a working elephant’s typical day at loging camp. It reveals the incredible bond between the mahouts and their elephants, as well as how intelligent these giants are. Next visit, the award winning Hamadryas Baboons – which features a spectacular troop of about 50 over baboons. Last stop, visit the White Tigers at Tiger Trek.

Pick-up Time : 1400 Hrs
Tours Starts : 1430 Hrs
Duration : 3 ½ Hrs
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